Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orsoni's Le Personal Coach is lightweight but fun

I just posted a review of Valerie Orsoni's book, Le Personal Coach on San Jose Fitness Examiner and rated it 5 stars - the stars came mostly on the strength of my thoughts that this is a good gift book. 

The book is a collection of quick tips...the kind of stuff people love when they see it on the cover of a magazine in a supermarket check out line: the 30 second butt builder, the simple way to get perky breasts, how to have sexy ankles....that kind of thing.

If the book sold for $30 I wouldn't like it so much, but it sells on Amazon for  about $11 and that's a good price for a book you can add to fill out a gift basket or give to a friend on Mother's Day or Christmas or whatever.

If you're looking for some ideas for fitness gifts, check out the review

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  1. great review. I actually had bought the book and I love it! Very practical!


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