Friday, July 23, 2010

CUTCO donates over $500,000 to American Heart Association Go Red for Women

I know not everyone grew up with  CUTCO Cutlery - but I did.  My aunt was from New Kensington, PA where the brand was born, and every knife we had in our home was a Cutco.

So it somehow gave me a pride of ownership to see that the company, still going strong, has donated over a half million dollars to support the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women® movement.

A press release today announced that since 2007, CUTCO has donated $540,000.  By the end of its current agreement in March 2011, the kitchen cutlery company expects to donate more than $600,000 to the fight against heart disease in women.

Besides a corporate-level donation, CUTCO also donates 10 percent of the sales of 4-Pc. Red Table Knife Sets and Red Super Shears to the cause.

According to the press info, CUTCO is the largest manufacturer and marketer of kitchen cutlery and accessories in the United States and Canada, which surprises me considering I practically never hear of the brand these days. I did see them at a recent home fair, and last year, I took advantage of the company's "Forever Guarantee," and sent in my 60 year old cutlery (yes, it was pretty much the only thing that my folks had that lasted long enough to hand down to me) to the factory for free sharpening.  They even replaced one knife which couldn't be sharpened, which was pretty astounding considering the age of the knife.

Anyway, if you're looking to do some good for the American Heart Association, this is a product I can complete endorse. For more information about CUTCO, call 800-828-0448 or visit

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 secrets to staying young: Baby Boomers say old age starts around 80

A new survey released from Del Web - the folks that brought us Sun City and other lifestyle communities - shows that Baby Boomers believe they have found the secrets to  increasing longevity, combating aging, and feeling younger than their true age. 
According to the 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey, as age increases, the distance between their real age and perceived age expands. Boomers turning 50 this year see the difference as “merely” a decade, while older Boomers feel an average of 13 years younger than their age. Del Webb residents, with a median age of 65, say they feel 15 years younger than they actually are. Additionally, both groups of Baby Boomers agree that old age starts around 80.

So, here from the survey, are the five secrets from the Boomers themselves. Those who felt younger  than their actual age participated in at least two of the five:

1. Exercise regularly – More than 55 percent work out regularly as a way to feel youthful.
2. Hit the books – Nearly a third have gone or will go back to school.
3. Volunteer – More than 60 percent are giving back to their communities by volunteering.
4. Still working – More than 70 percent plan to work in “retirement” either part-time, full-time or in starting a new career.
5. Trying pickleball or Zumba – Approximately 40 percent have taken up a new hobby or activity.

For more information about the Del Webb Survey, go to

America's fat kids could hurt our national security say retired generals

Three retired generals met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid late yesterday, July 19, seeking help in legislation that will "help combat child obesity and improve America's military readiness."
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

UC Study: Extra-Virgin Olive Oils Not So Virginal

DAVIS (CBS 5 / AP) ― Many of the olive oils lining supermarket shelves in the United States are not the top-grade extra-virgin oils their labels proclaim, according to a report from the University of California, Davis.

Read the whole article - you'll be surprised at the "trusted" brands that failed the test. 

LIVESTRONG San Jose 2010 wrap up press release

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
Below: the final wrap-up press release from LIVESTRONG Challenge, San Jose 2010.


SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 12, 2010 – LIVESTRONG is pleased to announce the San Jose LIVESTRONG Challenge raised more than $1 million this weekend for the fight against cancer. Yesterday more than 1,600 runners, walkers and cyclists, along with 475 volunteers, gathered at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge, one of LIVESTRONG’s signature fundraising events. Through the generosity of 11,623 donors, San Jose participants raised funds to support cancer survivorship programs and initiatives.
The LIVESTRONG Challenge was held for the third time in San Jose and will continue in Philadelphia (Aug. 21-22) and Austin, TX (Oct. 22-24). San Jose participants took part in the event by riding 10, 50, 65 or 100 miles, with courses starting at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts, located at Almaden and Park Blvd., and moving through Silicon Valley and the heart of downtown San Jose.
“It’s exciting to see so many in the Bay Area join with the LIVESTRONG Challenge to combat cancer,” said Don Perata, prostate cancer survivor, a former California senator. “Cancer is projected to become the leading cause of death worldwide this year. Without global action, the number of people living with—and dying from—the disease will triple by 2030.”
Following the race, participants and supporters gathered at the LIVESTRONG Village to enjoy music, food, games and exhibits.
"For the third year in a row, the people of San Jose have come together in solidarity against a disease that touches everyone in America," said Doug Ulman, cancer survivor and president and CEO of LIVESTRONG. "We're deeply grateful for their support in LIVESTRONG's global fight against cancer."
On Saturday evening, awards were given at a fundraising appreciation dinner. Patt Baenen-Tapscott won top fundraising honors, raising more than $20,727. Baenen-Tapscott, a breast cancer survivor, became an active LIVESTRONG fundraiser after her treatment left her with a desire to give back and improve the lives of others with cancer. She formed Team Beat the Clock and has been making a difference in the fight against cancer for six years.
Team Spike the Wonder Dog was awarded the Team Champion Award. Team Spike, led by Jeff Swan and Sherilyn Dahl, had 44 members and raised over $46,000. The team dedicated their victory to friend and coworker Janna Middleton, who lost her battle with brain cancer earlier this year.

In three years, San Jose LIVESTRONG Challenge participants have raised more than $4 million. Since its inception in 1997, LIVESTRONG has raised more than $350 million to support cancer survivors.

In economic terms, cancer's impact on California's fiscal well-being is far greater when viewed through the lens of the leading—and entirely preventable—cause of cancer: tobacco. Over the past decade, the tobacco industry has poured 10 times as many marketing dollars into California as the state has been able to invest in tobacco education. As a result, California loses $9 billion in tobacco-related health care costs per year.

LIVESTRONG offers support to cancer survivors and their families at the moment of diagnosis by providing free, confidential support through education, referrals and counseling services. To learn more about how to fight back, visit the LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare website at
or call 866-673-7205.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Michelle Obama Hosts First Live Web Chat Tues, July 13, with AOL Health


AOL Health scores a major win in their development of fresh content on Tuesday, July 13, when they will conduct a live web chat with First Lady Michelle Obama tied to the relaunch of, an informational resource site supporting Mrs. Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity and raise a healthier generation of kids. AOL will solicit questions directly from users of its content sites including: AOL Health, ParentDish, KitchenDaily, Slashfood, That’s Fit, Black Voices, AOL Latino, Lemondrop, MyDaily and AOL News as well as take questions live during the chat via AIM.


AOL Health Senior Editor Jennifer Fields will conduct the chat live from the White House on Tuesday. The event will be webcast live on AOL Health ( and on


Date: Tuesday, July 13

Time: 10:00 am ET


First Lady Michelle Obama

AOL Health Senior Editor Jennifer Fields


Earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a nationwide campaign – Let’s Move! – aimed at solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation. AOL is facilitating Mrs. Obama’s live web chat in order to reach American moms. By reaching out directly to moms in a live web chat format, Mrs. Obama can talk about strategies to address childhood obesity in the place where that conversation can have a significant impact -- the home.


Avon Walk San Francisco 2010, raises $5.5 million - 11 local organizations get grants

Monday, July 12th, 2010
The eighth annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer San Francisco raised more than $5.5 million dollars as 2,500 men and women from 46 states, Washington...
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Livestrong Challenge San Jose: 1600 participants raise $1 million, and pick a fight with cance

Sunday, July 11th, 2010
It took until Saturday night, July10, that the fund-raising total officially clicked over from six figures to seven figures but it's announced: the...
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Livestrong Challenge San Jose: a look at Livestrong Village July 10, 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Saturday, July 10 - Outside the Center for Performing Arts, Livestrong Challenge San Jose has transformed the plaza. Signs, tables, sign in,...
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bay Area Avon Walk kicked off this morning raising $5.5 Million, 2500 walkers

Saturday, July 10th, 2010
Saturday, July 10 - Just a few hours ago, 6:30 am, 2,500 participants began their 39.3 two day walk in the Bay...
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CareerBuilder says economy making workers healthier: better food, less smoking

Job board CareerBuilder released a new survey today, saying the bad economy may just be turning us healthier.  According to the research, the effects of the economic downturn have some workers making healthier choices when it comes to lunch breaks and smoking habits during the work day.

47 percent of workers report they have been packing a lunch more often to eat healthier or help save money. When it comes to smoking habits, 44 percent of workers who smoke said they are more likely to quit smoking given today's economic conditions. In addition one-in-five said that they have decreased the number of times they smoke during the work day (21 percent) or actually quit altogether (20 percent). The CareerBuilder survey was conducted among more than 4,400 workers between May 18 and June 3, 2010.

"Economic stress over the last year has caused some workers to reflect on their habits, and many of them have turned to healthier routines," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. "In addition to helping cut personal costs, employees who limit their smoking and lunching out habits are taking better care of their overall health. This type of 'better-for-you' behavior can be encouraged by companies who implement wellness programs, healthy living challenges or smoking cessation support."

While some workers are embracing healthier habits, heavier workloads and added stress associated with downsized operations may have other workers taking a different direction.

Lunch breaks

Taking the time to recharge during the work day can be a challenge for some workers. Nearly one-third (32 percent) report they take less than a half hour for lunch, while 5 percent take less than 15 minutes. One-in-ten never take a lunch break and 16 percent report they work right through their lunch hour. Nearly one-in-five (18 percent) typically don't leave their desks during their lunch break and eat in their workspace 5 days a week.

As some workers struggle to fit in break time during the day, others choose to multitask on their lunch hour, using their breaks for the following activities

--  Hanging out with co-workers - 23 percent
  --  Running errands - 18 percent
  --  Doing work - 16 percent
  --  Walking - 10 percent
  --  Shopping - 7 percent
  --  Working out - 3 percent

  Smoke breaks
Of workers who smoke, 78 percent of them said they take up to ten minutes for each of their smoke breaks a day. Seven-in-ten (70 percent) report they take up to 3 smoke breaks a day, while 12 percent take more than five smoke breaks in a work day.

Too bad  the survey didn't take into account the amount of stress that workers are carrying with them because they might lose their jobs...or already be unemployed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire at Trace Elementary, San Jose - pictures

For several pictures of the scene, click here - Fire at San Jose's Trace Elementary

Calling the five-alarm fire that engulfed part of San Jose's Trace Elementary School Monday morning "a suspected crime scene," the San Jose Fire Department said they would haveperimeter security available for some time.

Residents in San Jose's quiet Rose Garden neighborhood were awakened shortly after 4 am July 5 with the sounds of fire and police sirens rushing to a fire at Trace Elementary School.   Firefighters originally had to fight the fire defensively, and upgraded the blaze to five  alarm after about two hours.

By 8 am the fire was mostly under control, with flare-ups and several hot spots, and still with plumes of black smoke rising upward.  People within a two block radius of the fire who suffer from  respiratory issues, were warned to shelter indoors.

The original Trace building was destroyed, though the newer building, opened in 2008/09, and the outer buildings remained unharmed.  Teachers/parents who had gathered by 7 am were sad to note that the entire library was lost.   For more information click to this article on

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 July 4 San Jose (Silicon Valley) fireworks, parades, family friendly events

Saturday, July 3
“Celebrate America” Music Festival & Fireworks | Shoreline Amphitheater
San Jose Giants Post-Game FIREWORKS (July 2 & 3)

Sunday July 4
The Worlds Shortest Parade/Pancake breakfast  & 4th of July Festival - Aptos
Boulder Creek 4th of July Parade
Childrens Parade & Community Sing-Along – Cupertino
Blackberry Farms Free Swimming Day, plus BBQ and Music– Cupertino
Fourth of July FIREWORKS Show  - Cupertino
 4th of July  FIREWORKS show – Gilroy
Kiddie Parade & FIREWORKS show – Hollister
10th Anniversary 4th of July Celebration – Los Gatos
Pool Party, Concert & FIREWORKS – Milpitas
Silicon Valley Parade & FIREWORKS –Morgan Hill

Radio Disney FIREWORKS Show with the San Francisco Symphony – Mountain View

San Jose | 95.3 KRTY’s All-American Country Jam & FIREWORKS

San Jose | Rose Garden Neighborhood Rose, White and Blue Parade & Street Festival
All City picnic and fireworks  Santa Clara

Fourth of July Celebration Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Firecracker 10K Run
Saratoga's Independence Day Celebratestival, Parade & FIREWORKS - Scotts Valley

State of the City” Celebration in the Park  Sunnyvale
Spirit of Watsonville Parade - Watsonville

Ready for a bit of a drive?  This just in: 
The folks from Pier 39 in San Francisco sent out a media advisory reminding everyone that PIER 39 celebrates Independence Day with a star-spangled line-up of free entertainment for the whole family. The fun kicks off with a soft rock explosion from Mustache Harbor from 3-5pm in the PIER 39 Entrance Plaza. At 6pm, get ready to groove to your favorite 80’s dance hits with the ever popular Tainted Love. At approximately 9:30pm, look up to the stars as the City of San Francisco’s fireworks spectacular illuminates the sky over the Bay. PIER 39 shops and restaurants are open late so you can grab dinner, a hot chocolate, a cold beer, or a fresh bowl of chowder after the fireworks show has ended.
For all details and a complete listing of PIER 39 businesses open after the fireworks show, visit

Celebrate 2010 FIFA World Cup here in San Jose - a FREE viewing party at the final game

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 · 1 comment

Announced today, a celebration of the final game of 2010 FIFA World Cup, and what a celebration it is:
The event is sponsored by  the San Jose Earthquakes, the San Jose Downtown Association, the City of San Jose and the San Jose Sports Authority and will be in Downtown San Jose’s SoFA District (1st Street & San Carlos Ave), Sunday, July 11 from 9 am to 3 pm.

Featuring a World Cup Final live broadcast on a large Jumbotron, the viewing party,will also include activities for you to get motivated to fitness, hosted and demonstrated by the Earthquakes, the only professional Major League Soccer franchise in Northern California.
Check out pictures of Landon Donovan in the 2010 FIFA World Cup
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