Saturday, March 12, 2011

Epigenetics Diet - how what you eat can help prevent or reverse cancer

I just posted a story on San Jose Fitness Examiner about the newly-coined term, "Epigenetics Diet" (Epigenetics Diet - broccoli, cabbage help prevent and treat cancer, Alzheimer's)

The concept isn't a new one. There's been a great deal of research done in the past decade about how food can actually turn on a gene's natural defenses to fight diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.  Some research focuses specifically on colon cancer or breast cancer etc, but by-and-large, it is pretty much accepted these days that some foods are "cancer fighters."

But what is new is that the University of Alabama/Birmingham has put together a lot of the research, looked at the foods that fall into the category,  and published findings in Clinical Epigenetics, and as a result, coined the term the Epigenetic Diet.  Having an "umbrella" for the findings helps an average person understand it better. 

The researchers at UAB also point out that it doesn't take a whole lot of these cancer fighting foods to make a difference:  3 cups of green tea a day, or a cup of broccoli sprouts.

I found it interesting.  If you do, go over to the column and take a look.

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