Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biking safety tips. 7 tips to safe cycling.

I just posted an article on San Jose Fitness Examiner about Bicycle safety tips: 3 smart strategies in which two San Jose chiropractors, Drs. Jennifer and Stephanie Rozenhart of Rozenhart Family Chiropractic give three tips on how to avoid injuries while biking.

Working on that article got me thinking about the overall riding strategies that cyclists should keep in mind.

To that end, I share these additional tips culled from the U. S. Department of Transportation brochure, "Seven Smart Routes to Bicycle Safety for Adults," with the first, "Wear a helmet" repeated on both lists. It's that important, and believe it or not, I see cyclists riding by my house every day without a helmet on.

1. Protect Your Head. Wear a Helmet.
2. Assure Bicycle Readiness. Ensure
Proper Size and Function of Bicycle.
3. Ride Wisely. Learn and Follow the
Rules of the Road.
4. Be Predictable. Act Like a Driver
of a Vehicle.
5. Be Visible. See and Be Seen at All Times.
6. “Drive” with Care. Share the Road.
7. Stay Focused. Stay Alert.

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