Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"White foods have no nutritional value" and other diet myths

One of my favorite online "wonderfully trashy pop culture" publications is BettyConfidential. In the issue emailed August 11 is an article titled the 7 Biggest Diet Myths, that is definitely worth the read.

Here, for instance, is one myth, that I admit, I'm guilty of spouting:

1. Myth: White foods offer little nutritional value
Truth: Many white foods are nutrient-dense. White potatoes, white asparagus, cauliflower, white cranberries, white beans, and white onions are just a few of the foods that offer a variety of powerful health-promoting nutrients. For instance, raw cauliflower beats raw tomatoes for antioxidant content. But Gans suggests that if foods become “white” due to processing—for example, when whole grains are stripped of their naturally nutritious, fiber-containing bran and germ in order to become “white” grain foods--their overall health value decreases. So stick to plant foods that are naturally white.

Check out the article for the other 6 myths...

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