Sunday, August 8, 2010

San Jose Jazz Festival a good time to get out, get moving

There's an article today over on San Jose Fitness Examiner about the upcoming (August 13-15) San Jose Jazz Festival, and all the streets that will be closed starting Thursday night, August 10.  It's always a little intimidating to go downtown during the Jazz Festival, what with all the streets different than they usually are.

But don't let the street closings stop you. It's a great event, one of the "must do" events each year.  I'm not crazy that they put a fee on it -- it was much more interesting when it was free -- but the $15 ticket is modest for all the entertainment available.

There's also a Salsa Flash Mob happening at this year's festival and you can be part of it.  They even have how-to videos available so it's an entire experience.  I love the spirit of the Festival, and the Festival itself, and really, have never met anyone who considers it a disappointment experience.   I volunteered at the event for a couple of years, but the dates shifted around somewhat, and I missed it for two years. After that, I couldn't find a friend to do it with me any longer and I never "re-entered" the volunteer spot.  My loss!

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