Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MapMyFITNESS reaches 8 million users

A press release came through today announcing that MapMyFITNESS, has surpassed the 8M member threshold, adding over one million new registered users in just 47 days since passing 7 million.

The company, if you don't know it, offers Web and mobile mapping apps.
“We’re thrilled about the amazing user growth we’ve seen in 2012,” said Richard Jalichandra, Chief Executive Officer. “We’re thankful to each of our members for helping us grow into the largest and fastest-growing fitness community.”

The company has been on an aggressive pace so far in 2012, launching MapMyDOGWALK for iOS, and MapMyRUN,  MapMyRIDE for Windows phone.

Good job to the team! Congrats.

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