Monday, April 16, 2012

Bay Area Bike to Work 2012 - behind the scenes of the video

An interesting press release came through the wires today about the video being used to promote the 2012 Bay Area Bike to Work Day May 10, 2012.  Also Read: Bike to Work 2012 call goes out to employers

I'm editing it down, but thought I'd share both the info and the video here: 
  •  The San Francisco Bay Area’s 18th Annual Bike to Work Day’s video is being broadcast to 2M+ Twitter followers
  • The video was produced by Beyond Pix and Emmy award winning director, Tony Welch
  • Cameo appearances by notable bay area residents gets the message of bicycling out to a broad base of riders from competitive to casual to newbie. Veronica Belmont, technology and gaming-centric video host, makes a guest appearance in the video to show her support for bicycling.
  • Other appearances include Evan Bailyn, bestselling author of Outsmarting Google; Tammy Camp, a well-known private equity adviser, described by Forbes as the "Lara Croft of the web"; Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Principal Environmental Planner, Joseph Steinberger; and Scientist Darya Pino, whose website, Summer Tomato, was named by TIME magazine as a top healthy eating website in 2011. Also Read: Profile of a biking commuter: Carl Guardino CEO Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Additional appearances by Maggie Mason, author of No one cares what you had for lunch: 100 ideas for your blog, publisher of Mighty Girl and co-founder of Mighty Events; Chris Baty, motivational speaker and author of No Plot? No Problem!; and rounding it off, Joh Rathbun, a sports and travel writer and professional mountain bike rider.
  • The song used in the video is produced by Mixman Shawn and performed by Giju John, an award winning recording artist and former world champion Salsa dancer featured on ESPN. John lends his voice to ‘The Cycle Beat’ alongside newcomer, Rebecca Dharmapalan, and rapper, Jaz.
Here's the video - I can't imagine why it is titled 2026, but so be it.

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