Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dr. Oz presents seven lists of things you need to know: his Ultimate Countdown.

America's most popular,  populist-style television MD is about to put it all out there for you:

On Thursday’s episode (5/13/2010), The Dr. Oz Show counted down the things you need to know:
  • 7 red flags your body is aging too fast
  • 6 worst meals in America
  • 5 cures from around the world
  • 4 libido booster super foods
  • 3 things to give you more energy
  • 2 alternative treatments
  • 1 supplement Dr Oz wants you to take

7 Red Flags Your Body is Aging Too Fast

1. Ring Finger Length - If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it could be a red flag for women that they are more likely to develop osteoarthritis.
2. Bra Size - Women who are a size D or larger by age 20 are one and a half times more likely than someone with smaller breasts to develop diabetes.
3. Back of Your Knees Hurt When Coughing/Sneezing - If the back of your knees hurt during coughing or sneezing, it could indicate that you have deep vein thrombosis.
4. Jean Size - Adults who have larger abdomens in their 40’s are up to 3 and a half times more likely to develop dementia in their 70’s.
5. Balance - Poor balance can be a sign of cerebellum deterioration and instability (falling is a common cause of death for the elderly).
6. Dry Mouth – Dry mouth causes gum and tooth decay which puts you at risk for heart disease.
7. Crease on Earlobe – A linear earlobe crease is a sign of a potential heart attack. A loss of elastic fibers causes crease and hardening of arteries.

6 Worst Meals in America

1. Breakfast Sandwich (Eggs, sausage and cheese, wrapped in a giant pancake. Plus butter, syrup, ketchup) - 973 mg of cholesterol
2. Chicken Burrito and Chips - Nearly 1,700 Calories.
3. Fish Encrusted in Parmesan Cheese with Side of Spicy Rice – 3,300 mg of sodium.
4. Pepperoni and Meatball Pizza - Full pizza approximately 953 grams of fat.
5. Pasta with Breaded Shrimp – 196 Grams of Carbs.
6. Ice Cream with Mix-Ins (candy, brownie, sprinkles, sauce) – 1,344 Grams of Sugar.

5 Cures From Around The World (the first four of these are available here in San Jose at Down To Earth Nutrition, 545-C Meridian, San Jose between Parkmoor and San Carlos).

1. Bitter Melon ( Japan ) - Used for regulating blood sugar in diabetics.
2. Noni ( Polynesia ) – Used to treat respiratory conditions as it lowers inflammation.
3. Cordyceps ( Tibet , China ) - Shown to fight cancer by shrinking tumor sizes (particularly with lung or skin cancers).
4. Elderberry ( Austria ) – Powerful immune booster for cold and flu.
5. Durian ( Malaysia ) – Used as a fever reducer.

4 Libido Booster Super Foods

1. Ginger
2. Halibut
3. Pumpkin Seeds
4. Asparagus

3 Things To Give You More Energy

1. Use an astringent
2. Try one minute of exercise
3. Increase Magnesium Intake

2 Alternative Treatments

1. Equine Assisted Therapy – Used to treat anxiety, depression, and even Autism.
2. Honeybee Therapy – Patients purposely get stung because venom has enzymes that can help reduce pain, especially for arthritis.

1 Supplement Dr. Oz Wants You To Take

1. Vitamin D – Recommended daily does is 1,000 mg/day.

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  1. sweet...this is just confirmation. I just bought Vitamin D3 and I also drink a coffee with cordyceps. Thanks for this! Beau


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