Thursday, July 21, 2011

Junk Food Day, Wellness Week, and San Jose people live longest

The in-box is an amazing assortment of information. 

I used to love getting my daily mail in the mail box, but I gave up mail about 15 years ago and never looked back.  Now I love opening my in-box of email (well, for the most part).

In today's email were three pieces that I thought a funny juxtaposition, and so I wrote an article for San Jose Fitness Examiner combining all three:

National Junk Food Day, National Wellness Week, San Joseans' long lives

I had to do some gyrations to tie together the Census Bureau's promotion of National Junk Food Day with the study from the Daily Beast that San Jose residents live longer than other people in the US -- AND tie those two facts together with the FDA's first ever National Wellness Week.
I can't say whether I did a great job of making sense of why I published those three tidbits together.  But the truth is, I did it because I thought they were funny tidbits, showing how much "stuff" comes at us every day.  FWIW, head on over to the Examiner column and see if you think I succeeded or if I should have been more wickedly funny.

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