Friday, June 17, 2011

Cookouts Veggie Style - a cookbook that's made for California living

Oh YUM.  I just got a new cookbook - more of an idea book actually - that I can't wait to start to try out.  (I was headed to the Farmer's Market today but got waylaid by car troubles - otherwise I'd be shopping instead of writing).

Anyway, I'm sharing it here to pass along the good word:  It's titled "Cookouts Veggie Style" and is by Jolinda Hackett, who is the Guide to Vegetarian Food.

There are 225 recipes for cooking veggies on the grill, most of them very easy and inventive and lots of them sounding terrific: Orange Garlic Tempeh, Raspberry Mascarpone on Brioche, Portobello Patties with Pesto Mayonnaise, Orange Sweet Potatoes....there are at least 30 recipes that I found just in a quick glance that I'm ready to start trying.

Grilled salads, grilled appetizers, tofu on the grill, grilled fruit and desserts, and some dishes off the grill, this is an idea book for anyone who has been hankering to do more with fresh fruits and veggies.  As it happens, just this week I caught an episode of the Dr. Oz show that talked about how grilling meat can produce known and suspected carcinogens and his recommendation was to grill veggies instead.  With this book, I say, "AMEN."

I came by the book because the PR person sent me a copy , (no promises on my part that I'd write about it,) but this is a book I'll buy and give to friends.  It's available at Adams Media for $12.21 which seems a great price for a book that will make a really nice housewarming or hostess gift.

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