Friday, April 15, 2011

Senior Walk at Valley Fair, April 15, 2011

For some it's tax day, for others (my pals associated with Children's Musical Theater) it's the opening day of the Broadway musical Chicago at Montgomery Theater, but for 400-500 Santa Clara County seniors today was also the 6th Annual Senior Walk. (See article: 6th annal West Valley Senior Walk)

In any event, I remembered about 9 a.m. that I wanted to run over there and see how the event was set up, and since it's my day off work at CMT (as if there is really ever a day off when you're in charge of marketing a show that's opening that night), I pulled on my jeans and dashed to the mall.

Apparently I got there after the official opening because there was no sign in, registration or even anyone to give me directions but there were some nice people serving snacks provided by the Mall.   I asked one of them where I could sign in or find the press person but she gave me an "I don't know" shrug.  So I set off in search of someone.

Instead I ended up doing a mad dash along the route marked for the mall walkers (they were stopping at various exercise stations so it was easy for me to make a quick loop).  I got over to the tables set up by participating organizations.  I really enjoyed that.  These friendly sort of table-top displays are almost always "manned" by volunteers who really enjoy what they are doing.   I found out about some resources that were unfamiliar to me  (Bay Area Older Adults and Active over 50).  Met a nice man/owner of Beehive Health & Nutrition. 

The event was clearly not aimed at the Boomer oldsters, or the people 50-65 but to an older crowd, say 66-75.  Makes sense I guess but was a little disappointing.  Anyway, overall this is a nice event.  Sponsored by the City of San Jose and attended by two of the council members (District 1 Pete Constant and District 6 Pierluigi Oliverio) it's a feel-good event that encourages people of all ages to get out, get active.

I would have preferred that they had sign ups all along the way for "groups" who wanted to come walk the mall together on specific days.  And I truly disliked the company that had a sign saying their free blood pressure and diabetes testing was only for people eligible for Medicare.  My only other criticism is that the snacks offered by the Mall  were high sugar junky kind of food (now this is really nit-picking considering it was free food). Still, it goes to show how pervasive it is in our culture that cheap fast unhealthy food is an acceptable alternative.

Picky, picky.  All in all, a nice event. A good time was had by all.  Go over to to see a better rundown and some pictures. And happy tax day.

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