Saturday, April 23, 2011

100 word challenge

Well, I'm trying something new:  I'm trying a Blog hop - see the blogs below that share this particular hop with me - check out some of them. And I'm trying Velvet Verbosity's 100 word challenge.  Writing 100 words about a specified weekly topic.  This week it's Delicately. My personal challenge is to make it work with the fitness topic of this blog.  

100 words centering on delicately is reasonable for a fitness blog, I think, so here goes: 

Too often we make fitness "fierce."   High intensity.  Lotsa sweat.  Go go go.  But fitness  isn't really about becoming biggest, toughest, meanest.  It's being able to enjoy the opportunities of your life.   So for just one week, think of the small ways to be kind to your body that will make you more fit:  stretch before you get out of bed,  take three deep breaths that you visualize traveling through your body before releasing, spend two minutes in a state of shivasana.  However you choose, listen to the subtle, delicate strengths of your body.  You'll be more fit for it.  

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