Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire at Trace Elementary, San Jose - pictures

For several pictures of the scene, click here - Fire at San Jose's Trace Elementary

Calling the five-alarm fire that engulfed part of San Jose's Trace Elementary School Monday morning "a suspected crime scene," the San Jose Fire Department said they would haveperimeter security available for some time.

Residents in San Jose's quiet Rose Garden neighborhood were awakened shortly after 4 am July 5 with the sounds of fire and police sirens rushing to a fire at Trace Elementary School.   Firefighters originally had to fight the fire defensively, and upgraded the blaze to five  alarm after about two hours.

By 8 am the fire was mostly under control, with flare-ups and several hot spots, and still with plumes of black smoke rising upward.  People within a two block radius of the fire who suffer from  respiratory issues, were warned to shelter indoors.

The original Trace building was destroyed, though the newer building, opened in 2008/09, and the outer buildings remained unharmed.  Teachers/parents who had gathered by 7 am were sad to note that the entire library was lost.   For more information click to this article on

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