Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 secrets to staying young: Baby Boomers say old age starts around 80

A new survey released from Del Web - the folks that brought us Sun City and other lifestyle communities - shows that Baby Boomers believe they have found the secrets to  increasing longevity, combating aging, and feeling younger than their true age. 
According to the 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey, as age increases, the distance between their real age and perceived age expands. Boomers turning 50 this year see the difference as “merely” a decade, while older Boomers feel an average of 13 years younger than their age. Del Webb residents, with a median age of 65, say they feel 15 years younger than they actually are. Additionally, both groups of Baby Boomers agree that old age starts around 80.

So, here from the survey, are the five secrets from the Boomers themselves. Those who felt younger  than their actual age participated in at least two of the five:

1. Exercise regularly – More than 55 percent work out regularly as a way to feel youthful.
2. Hit the books – Nearly a third have gone or will go back to school.
3. Volunteer – More than 60 percent are giving back to their communities by volunteering.
4. Still working – More than 70 percent plan to work in “retirement” either part-time, full-time or in starting a new career.
5. Trying pickleball or Zumba – Approximately 40 percent have taken up a new hobby or activity.

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