Monday, September 7, 2009

Melanie Oudin's shoes: have you caught "Believe" fever?

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Monday, September 7th, 2009 ·
Watching 17-year-old U S Open tennis phenom, Melanie Oudin we can't believe it!

Or, even better, we CAN believe it.

As she said after her match with Petrova, I just started to believe I could win.

And yes, those shoes that are so perfect for her - even they say "believe" on them - an idea she says her boyfriend contributed.

It's happened not only in that match against Petrova, but all the way through the U. S. Open.

She's turned into a powerhouse player this tournament. Ranked 70th she's been beating them far at least.

They are calling her Cinderella, but as stated earlier (Oudin bests Sharapova/Petrova),

"They call it a Cinderella run. Don't you believe it.

No fairy godmother plucked Melanie Oudin out of obscurity, and handed her a magic slipper.

She worked for it, she focused, and as she has said, she believed she could do it."

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