Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 2009 - Silicon Valley fitness calendar posted

:en:Mount Hamilton (California) in January.Image of Mt. Hamilton via Wikipedia

The fitness events calendar for September 2009 is live on San Jose Fitness.

It's not a long list like we've seen in the spring and summer months - though there are a number of events - Labor Day Run, Bike MS, etc.

But it is a great month to try some alternative forms of fitness - for instance, as the weather mellows out in San Francisco and the bitter cold fog of summer disappears, it's a perfect time to head up that way for walks on the hills, or in the parks.

A day in Golden Gate Park, a walking tour of one of your favorite neighborhoods, or you could even take the family out to Alcatraz. It's just a perfect time of year to get out and walk.

Or forget San Francisco. Spend a day walking around Mt. Hamilton (pictured above), or go north to the wine country.

And... September is National Yoga Month... honor your body by taking a yoga class. Lots of free classes around in September.

So this month - try something new. Ride a bike, take a hike, or visit nearby fitness studios in search of a "home" for your winter workouts.

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