Monday, October 1, 2012

Sport-FI S6 in-ear headphones: great looks, great sound

Sometimes a fitness product seems so intelligently designed it deserves to be noticed.  The MEElectronics Sport-FI S6 ($49.99; $32 at Amazon) noise isolating in-ear headphones are just such a product.

They are elegant, stay in place, and fit comfortably through a fitness workout. Best of all: the sound is great.  The package comes with a neoprene sport arm band to hold your iPod/phone, six pairs of eartips to assure a good fit, a carrying case, a cable that's long enough to allow arm movement, and shirt clips to keep it secure.  The ear pieces have memory wire that fits around the ear to assure a locked-in fit. 

A little background: This time of year, I get a lot of emails at San Jose Fitness Examiner promoting fitness holiday gift products. My policy is when a product intrigues me, I ask for an image/description and keep it on file. I'll accept a sample if the company understands that is no guarantee of a review, write-up or mention.  

Sometimes I fall in love with one of these products.  The Sport-FI S6 is just such a product.

The day after the package arrived, I was trying to do a yoga workout and my neighbor decided to pull out his chain saw and start to trim everything in sight.  I put the in-ear headphones on, and found my own little spot of nirvana.

The rest of the day I used them as I danced around the house, worked on the computer, and did the occasional stretch.

If your workout is more rigorous than mine, check out the video review from 2014 Olympic hopeful Greg West who just won MEElectronics contest for Sport-FI users. These headphones can go through the tough paces of an intense fitness and training program.

I expect I'll be writing about these in a fitness-themed holiday gift guide, but if you like to get a head start on your holiday shopping, put these on your list.  The company is well-known for its quality headphone products, but this is their first entry into the sports/fitness category.  They did it well, they did it right.  

(You can follow the company and watch for announcements on the Facebook page)

Note: A set of the Sport-FI S6 were sent at no charge for review purposes, with no assurance of a positive review or mention. No other consideration was made by the company for this review.

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