Thursday, August 16, 2012

Phoebe Schilla's top five tips on how to lose your baby weight

Do you know Phoebe Schilla, Personal Chef and founder of the Studio of Good Living? I didn't, but what a find!

The Studio provides cooking classes, one-on-one instruction, signature experiences and culinary consulting that takes the stress out of day-to-day meal preparation.  In addition, the Studio offers grocery and errand concierge service, wine and sommelier consulting, chef services, cooking parties and dietary and nutrition counseling.

When Phoebe offered to share some of her healthy tips on how to lose baby weight, I jumped at the chance.
A new mom herself, Phoebe recommendations include allowing new moms’ bodies to heal, avoid restrictive diets, make personal time, keep healthy snacks in the house like fresh fruit and whole wheat crackers, and how to balance physical activity with a new baby.

Phoebe Schilla's top five tips on losing your baby weight

1.    Give yourself the gift of time.  Take 4-6 weeks to heal and to get used to the new person in your life!  Pregnancy and childbirth vary for everyone—some people drop the weight immediately, it takes others more time.  The first lesson of motherhood is not to judge.  This includes weight loss as well as breastfeeding. 

2.    Remember, losing the baby weight is not just about restrictive dieting.  As with any weight loss program or diet you need to exercise too.  An overly restrictive diet will leave you feeling hungry, depressed and more likely to binge eat.  So get out the jogging stroller.  Park at the far end of the supermarket parking lot—take the stairs.  When the baby naps sneak in a 20 minute online yoga class at or if you are too tired for that, try a 10 minute meditation class.

3.    Everybody tells you ‘be sure to take time for yourself and your partner’!  That’s great advice.  The other piece that is left out is make time for yourself too.  It is so easy to forget that.   This is a really tough thing for many moms to do.   Both working moms and non working moms feel guilty and selfish when they take the time to do something pleasurable just for themselves—I’m not talking about getting a quickie haircut or going to the grocery store solo.  I’m talking about an hour of unstructured time.  You need to create that space for yourself.  Getting away from the house and being the carefree spirit that you used to be for just an hour can give you more patience and a different perspective.  In short, it can make you a better mom.  If you are less harried, less frustrated and a little less sleep deprived you can then turn around and make better eating choices. 

4.    Keep plenty of healthy snacks around the house.  Fresh fruit, nut butters, rice cakes and whole wheat crackers are all great snacks.  Stay away from high sodium foods which can cause bloating and processed foods which can be a source of empty calories.

5.   If you do have processed foods around the house use the snack sized bags to create single servings.  If you have older kids in the house they can practice their counting skills and bag the snacks for you.  (under supervision of course!)

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