Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Squaw Valley

Today on San Jose fitness Examiner I posted a story about Squaw Valley USA being bought out. 
Squaw Valley Acquired by KSL  Partners

I've always been impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of Alexander Cushing, who built the Squaw Valley development in 1949, and brought the Olympics there in 1960.  He fought hard to get the Olympics, and from all accounts helped change the perception of American sports.  The Washington Post article quoted KSL's co-founder as commenting on Cushing's influence on introducing skiing as a sport in the US by bringing the Olympics to Squaw Valley.

Anyway, so now Squaw has a new owner, the same folks that own the famed La Costa Resort and Spa and several other  posh resorts and clubs.  They are intending to put about $50 million into Squaw too, so that should make it even nicer.

Good for all of us in the Bay Area and good for Squaw!

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