Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final wrap up from World Athletic Championships: 3 world records, 9 championship records, 1984 athletes

If you followed any of the truly thrilling events at the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics (Berlin) this week, you know it was a remarkable time. Here is a portion of the final news conference:

Speech of President Diack:

Fantastic achievements on the track

“We have all enjoyed a fantastic World Champs which have been notable for confirming the success of athletics at last year’s Olympic Games.

There have been fantastic achievements on the track – and not only Usain Bolt, who may now be the most famous sportsman in the world, not just in athletics – but other World records, Area records and National records.

In summary we gathered 201 territories from all over the world to Berlin 2009:

1984 Athletes – 1086 men and 898 women
3 World records
9 Championship records
8 Area records
57 National records!!!

(For more information from the press conference, go to the IAAF web site.)

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